360° Leads Generation

Indus BPO

is a central location where lead buyers can purchase leads from multiple sources

we represents the latest generation and marketing automation, a platform based on performance that helps organizations identify. Automates the process of pre-sales, providing contact information of lead enriched allowing sales teams to quickly make a connection with qualified prospects.Leads generated using BPO Indus have a conversion success rate significantly higher than the contacts in cold, because the prospect is pre-qualified as a sales opportunity even before receiving the lead. Indus BPO helps organizations create more sales opportunities, improve the skills of their business opportunities and increase conversion rates through process.Our sales lead generation campaigns are designed to give you value for your money while you focus on your core business.

  • Financial

    Mortgage, Home Refinance, Debt, Automaotive

  • Legal

    Mass Tort Leads

  • Education

    Education Leads

  • Automotive

    Auto Finance, Auto Warranty, Auto Insurance

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