Types of Birth Control Pills, SURGERY

Birth Control Pills

    • YAZ
    • YASMIN
    • OCELLA


      • TVM (Transvaginal mash Revision surgery)
      • Mirena IUD Surgery
      • Bladder Sling Surgery
      • Diabetes
      • Actos
      • Metfromin


    • PAXIL
    • ZOLOFT
    • PROZAC
    • Cleft Palate
    • SSRI
    • EFFexor

Lead Qualifications:

Prescribed YAZ, Yasmin/Ocella after 2000 and before April 2012.

Diagnosed with symptoms while taking the medication or within 60 days after

Must have suffered from Blood clots (leg, lung, or brain), DVT, PE, Stroke, Heart Attack and other major side effects.
100% phone verified.

With legitimate recording.

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